Supportive Psychological Therapy Tailored for Your Needs

Located in Markham, Ontario, Granite Psychology offers confidential, supportive psychological therapies including cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). Dr. Granite understands the importance of accessibility and flexibility in therapy and offers in-person options at his office and virtual therapy services by telephone or video conference. His focus is helping adults and seniors address their personal mental health and well-being. Dr. Granite takes confidentiality very seriously and provides a private and comfortable setting for you to constructively explore and address personal challenges, feelings, and experiences.

Whether you're dealing with anxiety, depression, relationship issues, or other mental health concerns, we are here to support you. With a focus on helping you develop insights and skills, we equip you with practical tools and techniques to address a diversity of challenges, manage symptoms, and to achieve personal growth. Dr. Granite’s goal is to empower you to navigate life's difficulties while cultivating positive change. We prioritize your confidentiality and provide an environment where you can feel heard and supported throughout your therapeutic journey. Your mental well-being is our priority and we're here to help you find constructive and meaningful ways to navigate or adapt to life's challenges.

Our Services

Our services include supportive psychological therapy, including cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), to help individuals with their personal needs. Therapy is conducted in a confidential and comfortable environment where people can explore and address their feelings and experiences in a constructive and meaningful way.

The areas of care that we focus on are:

Academic Strategies:
Psychological therapy can help you develop effective strategies for studying, time management, and overcoming obstacles to achieving your goals.

Psychological therapy can offer coping strategies, support, and guidance for managing anger in a healthy and constructive way. Learn techniques to cope and process anger more effectively.

If anxiety is impacting your daily life, psychological therapy can assist you in developing effective coping strategies to reduce anxiety and learn skills to cope with most potential future challenges.

Burnout Prevention:
If you're feeling overwhelmed and stressed due to being the caregiver of another individual, or other personal responsibilities, psychological therapy can help you develop strategies to prevent burnout, promote self-care, and restore balance in your life.

Career Challenges:
Our practice offers career counseling to help you overcome career-related challenges, explore potential new opportunities, and make informed decisions about your professional path.

Coping with Life's Demands:
At Granite Psychology, we provide a safe space for individuals overwhelmed by life's demands to process their challenges. Psychological therapy can help you learn and develop effective coping strategies to better manage responsibilities, relationships, and daily challenges.

Dr. Granite provides psychological therapy to individuals who may be dealing with depression or have already been diagnosed with depression. Evidence-based interventions are used to help manage symptoms, improve mood, and regain a sense of well-being and empowerment in life.

Interpersonal Conflicts:
We help individuals in addressing interpersonal conflicts and improving communication skills. While couple's counseling is not offered, therapy on an individual basis psychological therapy can help with developing personal boundaries, coping skills, and tools to resolve conflicts and build healthier relationships.

At Granite Psychology, you are provided a safe and non-judgmental opportunity to address intimacy issues and improve relationships. Psychological therapy can help people toward fostering healthy connections and enhancing intimacy.

Life Changes:
Whether you're going through a major life change, such as divorce, relocation, or retirement, psychological therapy can provide useful insights and support those navigating the challenges successfully.

Occupational Burnout:
If you're experiencing symptoms of burnout already due to work-related stress, Dr. Granite can help you customize an informed approach in improving quality of life. Examples are collaboratively addressing practical coping strategies, setting professional boundaries, and regaining a sense of fulfillment in your career.

Panic Attacks:
If you experience panic attacks, Dr. Granite can work with you to help you understand the potential triggers and help develop practical coping strategies to better manage the experiences.

Sleep Difficulty:
We understand the importance of quality sleep. Dr. Granite has extensive experience helping people address their sleep difficulties and establishing healthy sleep patterns for improved overall quality of life.

Stress Management:
Dr. Granite can work with you to address stress management techniques. He provides psychological therapy to help individuals cope with and reduce high stress and integrates practical coping strategies and tools to reduce persistent stress.

Time Management:
In psychological therapy, practical strategies are collaboratively explored to enhance time management skills, prioritize tasks, set personal goals, and achieve a healthier work-life balance.

Work-Related Stress:
Dr. Granite has a deep appreciation of the pressures of the workplace. He has helped many with such challenges and offers personalized support to help you navigate work-related stressors, set professional boundaries, and foster a healthier work-life balance.


Our Practice Mission

At Granite Psychology, we aim to empower individuals on their journey towards long-term mental wellness. Through personalized care, we offer customized and practical approaches that are aimed at producing lasting results. Interventions used during sessions are based on up to date scientific research and involve well-founded strategies aimed to help with making positive changes. We strive to provide you with the tools and strategies necessary to achieve your goals and maintain long-term mental wellness.

We believe that the path to mental wellness is a collaborative process and we’re here to support and guide you every step of the way. In a warm and nurturing environment, we foster a safe space where you can explore your thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Our goal is to empower you with the skills and insights needed to navigate life's challenges, enhance your well-being, and achieve lasting transformation.

Take the first step towards long-term mental wellness today. Contact us to schedule an appointment and embark on a personalized therapeutic journey towards a happier and healthier life.


Dr. Leeor Granite is a highly qualified Clinical Psychologist licensed to practice in the province of Ontario, Canada. He has a deep passion for helping individuals achieve optimal mental health. Dr. Granite is also licensed in Ontario to provide services in Clinical Neuropsychology and Rehabilitation Psychology.

Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Dr. Granite has dedicated his career to providing comprehensive and compassionate care to adults and senior citizens from diverse populations across Ontario. He combines in-person and virtual clinical services to ensure accessibility and convenience for his clients.

Dr. Granite holds a Doctoral Degree in Clinical Psychology from Adler University in Chicago, Illinois, with an emphasis in Clinical Neuropsychology. His extensive training enables him to assess and treat adults who have sustained various life challenges, including those with cognitive and emotional difficulties.

Dr. Granite's clinical training extends to prestigious institutions such as the University of Chicago Medical Centre, Rush University Medical Centre in Chicago, and Princess Margaret Cancer Centre in Toronto, Ontario. This diverse training has equipped him with a broad range of skills and insights to address the complex psychological needs of his clients.

Committed to delivering the highest standard of care, Dr. Granite stays up to date with the latest research and advancements in clinical psychology. His holistic approach, combined with evidence-based interventions, helps his clients receive effective personalized treatment.